Photo KristinNador via Flickr

Photo KristinNador via Flickr

In addition to my writing at Katie on the Map, I also write for a variety of online and print publications. For an up-to-date portfolio of writing, click here.

Here’s a sample of my work

Weekly Pint:

Craft Beer, South American Style


Beauty From Blight: Making the Best of Beetle Kill

More than Moonshine: Mountain Distilleries Get Crafty*

Best Mountain Music Venues You Might Be Missing*

Drink ‘Em While It’s Hot: 5 Summer Only Brews*

*Also Appeared on HuffingtonPost.com


Things to Do Atlanta

Things to Do Denver

Things to Do Key West

Peranakan Food Tasting Tour in Singapore

Iceland Blue Ice Tour

Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing

Vail Daily:

Beer and Bluegrass at Ed Fest

Roaming the Ring Road in Iceland

Insane About Iceland



Aol. Travel:

Vail Travel Guide

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