The List

The List*

  1. Start a blog
  2. Go bungy jumping
  3. Climb a glacier
  4. Read Anna Karenina
  5. Learn to fly an airplane
  6. Go skydiving
  7. See Oprah
  8. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  9. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  10. Write a book
  11. Perform on stage
  12. Ride an elephant
  13. Learn to take care of an elephant
  14. Complete a 5K in less than 45 minutes
  15. Learn to drive a motorcycle
  16. Cuddle a koala
  17. Traipse the Great Wall of China
  18. Tickle a tiger
  19. Dye my hair blue
  20. See the sun rise over Angor Wat
  21. Pray in Tibet
  22. Climb a 14er
  23. Survive a zombie attack
  24. Relive a childhood moment
  25. Submit an article to be published
  26. Try Stand Up Paddleboarding
  27. See the Northern Lights in Iceland
  28. Dive the Continental Divide (well, snorkel).
  29. Eat lobster in Maine or chow-dah on Cape Cod
  30. Trek in Nepal
  31. Learn to ice climb
  32. Eat shark–not vice versa
  33. Scan and organize all of my photos
  34. Inspire someone to take off and travel
  35. Brew a signature beer
  36. Compete in the Mongol Rally. I’ll need teammates for this. Let me know if you’re up for it!
  37. Climb one of the Seven Summits
  38. Trek the coast path in Wales
  39. Learn to dance the tango in Argentina
  40. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad
  41. Hike in Moab, Utah
  42. Work as a bartender. Cultivate a nickname for the job.
  43. Sleep in a yurt in Mongolia
  44. Walk the Camino de Santiago
  45. Raise a stein at Oktoberfest in Munich
  46. Salsa dance in Colombia
  47. Sail with a 5 Gyres Expedition
  48. Mountain bike on a volcano
  49. Paddle the 99 Mile Wilderness Waterway in the Everglades

*I started this list after a birthday, thinking that I would add items as I thought of them and cross them off accordingly, with the number of items corresponding to my birthday. However, I realized that I didn’t want my list to end with my birthday. I also realized that some items might take more than a year, or might never actually happen (see #23).

For me, the fun is not necessarily in adding to the list or the completing these items, though both are high points (I’m also particularly fond of the “strike through” feature). I get the most pleasure out of the dreaming and planning, the extensive research or last-minute decisions and the quease in my stomach when I’m terrified–and exhilarated. So, I’m continuing the list with no deadline or end in sight. We’ll see how far as it takes me.

What adventures am I missing?

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