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Underwater, Underground: Turning Black and Blue in Iceland

I’m coming to the end of my Iceland posts, but my crush on the country is not ending. It was an amazing trip for just a week–and I’m already contemplating my return.

As I mentioned, I took several day trips while I was in Iceland through Viator, a tour booking site that offers the most extensive selection of tours I’ve seen*. After glacier hiking and ice climbing on Sólheimajokull glacier, I decided to explore the underworld of Iceland by snorkelling in Silfra and exploring the lava caves of Leiðarendi with a Black and Blue Tour.

Want to hear about the experience? Check out my guest post here. As with most of Iceland, I found myself taking a scandalous number of pictures. To get an expanded view of the excursion (from dry suits to dark caves), check out the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*My Black and Blue tour was provided by Viator.

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