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Now THAT’S Bologna: Crunching and Crushing at Beaver Creek’s Food & Wine Weekend

The menu from Beaver Creek's Food & Wine Grand Tasting event.

The menu from Beaver Creek’s Food & Wine Grand Tasting event.

I’ll admit it–I’m spoiled and incredibly lucky. By virtue of some very generous and well-connected friends, I often get to take part in events that I would normally not be able to attend. This past Saturday’s Grand Tasting, the culminating event of Beaver Creek’s Food & Wine Weekend, was one of those events.

I won’t go into excruciating details, as I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging–because I’m not. I’m merely commenting on a few elements of the evening that stood out.

And I got to meet John Besh, who is insanely nice and made me blush after I did a double take because my first thought was, “Oh, I know him.” Then I realized I knew him from television and had never actually met the man. He’s a southern gentleman and didn’t make me feel like an idiot. So I blushed like a school girl meeting Justin Beiber (don’t worry–I didn’t squeal).

With John Besh. I can't wait to go to New Orleans and eat and his restaurant. I'm sure he'll let me back in the kitchen and everything.

With John Besh. I can’t wait to go to New Orleans and eat at his restaurant. I’m sure he’ll let me back in the kitchen and everything.

Spike Menhelsohn just gave me the "what's up" chin nod.

Spike Menhelsohn just gave me the “what’s up” chin nod.

I did a little squeal to my friend Melanie when I saw Spike Mendelsohn, though. But I didn’t let him hear it. Of course, he had a posse of uber-cool NYC looking people with him. I might have swooned at his friends as well. And he makes a damn fine grilled cheese sandwich (Croque Monsieur, if you’re taking notes).

Tim Love’s son might be the cutest kid (ahem, chef) ever. He did a fabulous job explaining the smoked lamb posole stew with crispy kale and a quail egg that they were serving.

Little Love at the Tasting.

Little Love at the Tasting.

Chef David Gutowski from Grouse Mountain Grill in Beaver Creek made a bologna sandwich. With bologna he made himself. (Sorry, no shot of the homemade lunch meat.)

There was a cheese table. And blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. And a whole salmon curled up on a table. And wine–lots of wine. And chocolate and homemade ding dongs and lots of lovely people. In short, it was an amazing Saturday night in this little ski town.

Just for the record, I’m always available as a “plus one” for your event. I even promise not to act cool when I see various degrees of celebrity.

I can’t promise I won’t blush.

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