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Jewelry Display Frames

I love getting catalogs–especially design catalogs like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Crate and Barrel, etc. The best is when I see something that I love the look of, but that I can create for much less than the price tag in the catalog. I may not always get around to doing it, but it’s great when it works out.

I saw these jewelry display frames in a Pottery Barn catalog a while ago. I tore out the page and kept saying, “I want to do this.” I found it again a few weeks ago and finally got around to assembling it.

Here’s the Pottery Barn version (it’s now no longer available):

Pottery Barn jewelry display frame

I liked the distressed white and I have plenty of necklaces that I wanted to display–it makes it easier for me to remember my options than when they’re tangled in a drawer.

My mom is great about hanging onto things. I had some old frames that I used in my apartment as wall art (a grouping of different sized empty antique frames–trust me, it looked good). I screwed J hooks into the bottom edge of the top of the frames and voilà:

Antique picture frame necklace display

My version. I like the fact that the frames aren’t identical and have a bit more character than the PB version. Also, these didn’t cost me $65 (which is what I think the necklace version retailed for in the catalog). I’ve really enjoyed having my necklaces on display and it cuts down on the De-tangling!

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