She's Crafty

Channeling Martha

I saw this cool idea in an issue of Martha Stewart Living and, while most of her “projects” have way too many steps for me, I couldn’t resist trying this Picture Rail Shoe Rack.

Here is her version:

Picture Rail Shoe Rack

And here is my version:

My edge molding shoe rack

While she has several pieces positioned one above the other, I chose to keep the piece of edge molding (I couldn’t find any picture rail molding at Home Depot) in the original size. Not only did it eliminate the need to cut the edge molding down to size, but I can have a nice line under my window. I painted it a great turquoise color that I think goes really well with my orange walls.

Here’s another view:

Alternate view

It’s a bit difficult to get a great shot due to the angle of my bed and dresser in here, but you get the gist.

My plan is to add another rail below this one so that I can space the shoes out a bit and add more. Because yes–I have more heels that need to be displayed.

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