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International Dining Etiquette Rules from Budget Travel

Yaowarat Road in the Chinatown district. Photo: Josef Polleross for The New York Times

Of course, I want to be respectful of different cultures when I travel. So far, it’s been fairly easy–I can copy a local at the table if I’m unsure. Other than peeking to see if it’s okay to eat cray with my hands in New Zealand, I’ve been lucky.

I’m glad that this little gem of an article popped up on my email list today, before I leave for Asia tomorrow. While some of the tips I already knew (the cappuccino tip, for example) and some I’ll probably never use (I’m not a huge port fan), I was happy to see the tips for Thailand and China.

Will these actually come up in real life? I’m not sure. But, I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Check out the article from Budget Travel and I’ll let you know if I have others to add.

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