TBEX Bound

This weekend, I’m crossing into a brave new world: admitting I’m a travel blogger.

Yes, hello. My name is Katie and I’m a travel blogger.

I don’t know why it’s a label that I’ve been hesitant to adopt. Perhaps it’s because, even after diligently posting throughout SE Asia, I feel a bit of a fraud. Travel bloggers are for real writers, not folks like me who started writing simply to keep a log of thoughts, impressions and tips that they wish they had known prior to stepping off the airplane, train or out of the car.

But then I started thinking: wait, that’s exactly what travel bloggers are. It’s just that some have managed to take that passion and run with it.

That’s where I’m headed. I’m going to continue to work as hard as I can so that I can travel more–and I’ll continue writing as I do. Hopefully, my foibles and finds can provide inspiration to someone else, or just provide a bit of diversion.

In any case, I’m attending TBEX (that’s Travel Blog Exchange, by the way) this weekend as a travel blogger. Because, no matter how many other hats I may wear, that’s what I am.

Not afraid to bust out the guidebook at a “site of interest”

5 thoughts on “TBEX Bound

  1. That’s awesome that you’re going! I had like 3 different things come up this weekend not allowing me to go and the worst part is that I’m so close. Have fun!

  2. You’re not a fraud at all, perhaps some people have an elevated opinion of themselves as a ‘travel blogger’.

    If you travel and you write a blog about your travels, you’re a travel blogger.

    However, some travel blogs seem to have more success than others but that’s a different story.

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