And Now, Back to Our (Not So) Regularly Scheduled Programming

I didn’t realize that almost two months had passed since I posted on Katie on the Map until my dad mentioned it.

“Hey, Katie,” he said. “You haven’t posted anything on the blog since the end of March, when you entered that contest for the job in Vail.”

Wow, I thought. I didn’t realize it had been that long.

Now I realize that my blog has been playing second fiddle to several other things, most specifically, writing for other outlets. I didn’t get the job for Vail, but I’ve been keeping plenty busy with other opportunities. I’m not complaining–not in the slightest. However, I miss writing for Katie on the Map. I realize that I still have plenty to share, from tips I’ve learned to travels that I’ve taken.

As a result, I’m making a plan and sketching out an editorial calendar of sorts (sounds fancy and organized, doesn’t it?). I’ll be posting stories from my trip to Colombia and Ecuador from last fall, as well as highlights from my U.S. travels over the spring, including New Orleans, Palm Springs, Nashville, Asheville, Charlotte and Greenville. I’m writing this from Boston but will return to Colorado tomorrow for one more glorious summer.

I’ll be updating much more frequently and I hope that you’ll forgive this brief absence. We’ll now be returning to our semi-regularly scheduled programming.

Let's Go Tahoe



4 thoughts on “And Now, Back to Our (Not So) Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. Oh, I thought it was just some stock photo at first! Is that you in Lake Tahoe? What a great shot!

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