She's Crafty

Pin-speration: Wall Art into Jewelry Display

I love jewelry, particularly earrings. My problem arose when I realized that I was not utilizing my jewelry to its full advantage. I would get into the habit of wearing one or two pair of earrings over and over, forgetting about other options.

When I moved into my place for the summer, my friend was kind enough to lend me some decorating items for the bare walls. One piece was this wire scroll thingy, which I hung on the wall intending to put pictures on it.

Until…inspiration struck.

Ta da! The bends are the perfect place to hang earrings and necklaces. For the smaller pieces and rings, I put them in a small pouch and hang that, too.

This is probably the easiest “craft” project I’ve ever done. I feel a bit like I’m cheating with this post, but it’s so nice to find alternate uses for things that I already have at home. Take a look around–do you have items that can be transformed?

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