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Great American Beer Festival: a Recap in Photos

I attended the Great American Beer FestivalĀ (GABF) two weekends ago in Denver. Now that I have (somewhat) recovered, I feel like I can honestly and succinctly write about it. It was amazing. Succinct enough for you? All joking aside, I have to admit that I went into the GABF with a few preconceived notions that … Continue reading

The List #22: Bagging a 14er
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The List #22: Bagging a 14er

If you live in Colorado, climbing a 14er seems like a rite of passage that everyone has experienced. Sure, the fit guys and girls that also run marathons and kayaked down the Colorado River have checked off that particular activity, but it’s not just them. The elderly gentlemen sitting down the bar from you? Yep, he just climbed one last weekend. The hyper child running around in WalMart? Yep, she skipped up one the other day. Even the dogs have climbed a 14er.

At least, that’s what it seemed like to me. Continue reading